This site is intended as a sampler for visitors. Volume I, Chapter 3, offers a preview of what every chapter will contain for those who purchase the books and the Roadmaps. See the order forms for purchasing details.

About The Last Best Hope

Textbooks and Online Supplements for Social Studies and History Education Including Advanced Placement U.S. History
To support and supplement America: The Last Best Hope, Team HOPE (History Opens Eyes) developed innovative companion materials for students and teachers, called the Roadmap. This curriculum package is truly unique; the story told by eminent scholar and historian Dr. William J. Bennett, and curricular applications developed by exemplary educators who are noted American History experts. More than unique, the curriculum package is also useable and relevant. As students of this generation increasing disconnect from traditional textbooks, the Roadmap meets them where they already are—in cyberspace. The key student component of the Roadmap is a password-protected, interactive website including interactive maps and thematic audio Podcasts from Dr. Bennett himself, introducing the chapters and telling stories that extend beyond the chapter information. Additionally, there are study aids that will assist students in organizing and learning the material and for assisting them in preparation for state and Advanced Placement examinations. Also included are key terms and topics; major historical events; timelines; pre-screened hyperlinks; biographies of major figures; and much more. For teachers, there is their own site with resources and instructional support of how to most effectively teach the content and use the curriculum materials, which include essays, debate topics, graphical timelines, PowerPoint presentations, plays, and lesson plans.

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