This site is intended as a sampler for visitors. Volume I, Chapter 3, offers a preview of what every chapter will contain for those who purchase the books and the Roadmaps. See the order forms for purchasing details.

About the Roadmap

HOPE for Students, Online Interactive Student Web Site

  1. Presidential terms to help establish historical chronology.
  2. Key historical points emphasized in each chapter.
  3. Important terms, topics, events, and details.
  4. Time lines of important events in American history.
  5. Chapter-by-chapter listing and links to key people.
  6. Critical laws, legislation, treaties, and documents.
  7. Vocabulary lists to help students improve their SAT scores.
  8. Historical maps for major eras and events.
  9. "Quiz Center" for students to self-check and prepare for exams.
  10. Games and activities to test knowledge on key people, geography, and content knowledge.
  11. Web sites that provide quality links to additional resources.
  12. Last Best Hope chapters of all Volumes to read online.

HOPE Audio Podcasts with William J. Bennett

  1. Introductions to chapters to frame the chapter in terms of historical and contemporary significance.
  2. "Beyond the Chapter" segments that enrich the materials with additional information, anecdotes, and stories to help expand the student's knowledge of people, places, events, and concepts.

HOPE for Teachers, Online Resources for Teachers

  1. Detailed chapter summaries with suggestions for instruction.
  2. Maps and charts that can be imported into PowerPoint presentations.
  3. Primary source materials including speeches, political cartoons, and important documents.
  4. Geography resources to incorporate the five themes of geography.
  5. Lesson plans, essays, debates, plays, and memory hooks for use in class.
  6. Additional resources including books, videos, music, Web sites, and professional development opportunities.
  7. Graphical time lines that can be printed or imported into presentation software.
  8. Key economic points for every chapter in Last Best Hope.
  9. Assessment tools including a test bank, higher order test items, and other evaluative instruments.
  10. Wide range of How To lessons for teachers for incorporating all the Roadmap resources and classroom strategies into the history classroom.
  11. AP Center with resources to teach Advanced Placement US History.

Premium Roadmap

A Premium Roadmap Web site includes the following: 

  1. "Ask Team HOPE." Classes can submit questions related to American history and Last Best Hope, which will be answered by Team HOPE and posted on the Roadmap Web site.
  2. Classes can submit lessons, essays, speeches, paintings, music, projects, videos of plays, and new material for the Roadmap Web site that specifically coincides with Last Best Hope chapters.
  3. Extensive series of mnemonics, plays, and debates to reinforce events addressed in each chapter; and expanded curriculum offerings beyond the Reagan presidency to present times.
  4. Links to a wide range of simulations for extended discussion of historical topics, themes, and eras.
  5. Resources and links to build awareness and understanding of the recent immigration trends and cultures.
  6. Last Best Hope available through audio recordings, online text, and downloadable versions to both Kindle and Sony e-book readers.
  7. Online chat discussions with author Dr. William J. Bennett.
  8. Audiotapes of pre-1900 speeches, and actual radio broadcast excerpts from the 20th century.
  9. Teachers can submit lessons to be shared on the Roadmap Web site.
  10. Monthly audio Podcasts from Dr. Bennett on historical events such as Pearl Harbor, Patriot's Day, Memorial Day, D-Day, and more.
  11. This Day in American History provides interesting stories and facts for every day of the year.