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Teacher Toolkit

Teacher Toolkit

The Teacher Toolkit section of the Roadmap contains a number of innovative “how to” essays and exercises teachers will find helpful both in using America: The Last Best Hope and in their everyday teaching.  These tools provide methods teachers can utilize to increase their students’ history skills and introduce teachers to innovative instructional techniques.  Also included in the Teacher Toolkit section are additional resources teachers can utilize, such as maps and course syllabi.

roadmaptolastbesthope Alignment of Roadmap with Research-Based Strategies - NEW

roadmaptolastbesthope Catalogue of Lessons on Roadmap for Volume I - NEW

roadmaptolastbesthope Economics: How To Incorporate Into the Teaching of Last Best Hope

roadmaptolastbesthope Economics: Key Points for Volume I

roadmaptolastbesthope How to Create Lessons Using Resources in the Student View

roadmaptolastbesthope How to Evaluate Student Essays

roadmaptolastbesthope How to Help Students Struggling to Read and Comprehend Last Best Hope

roadmaptolastbesthope How to Incorporate Current Events Into the History Classroom

roadmaptolastbesthope How to Incorporate Mnemonics into the Classroom

roadmaptolastbesthope How to Use Lessons in the Roadmap to Build Historical Skills

roadmaptolastbesthope How to Use Simulations - NEW

roadmaptolastbesthope Professional Development Opportunities - NEW 

roadmaptolastbesthope Roadmap Chapter Checklist

roadmaptolastbesthope Sample Document Based Question Essay Volume I - NEW